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Chao Zhou
Class of 2021, Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics
Kun Ming, China

“When my friends at home ask my advice about studying in America, I tell them about The University of Toledo, about my professors and their great backgrounds and research. My math classes aren’t easy, but my professors make hard things easy to understand. They are friendly and give me lots of help. I’m a traveler and want to meet people from different countries and cultures. At UToledo, I have met people from all over – Japan, Korea, America, and Europe. People are welcoming and friendly.”

Devyani Donde
Class of 2021, Information Technology
Nashik, India

“The diversity at The University of Toledo attracted me. But the thing I liked best was the co-op program offered by the College of Engineering. I worked last spring for DTE Energy at a power plant a half-hour from Toledo. I got to experience what a 9-to-5 job would be like. This experience will make an impact on my résumé. The money I earned has made me more independent.”

Navindi Weerasinghe
Class of 2018, biology with a concentration in neuroscience and minor in psychology
Colombo, Sri Lanka

“I received more than my money’s worth at UToledo — a lot of things that money can’t buy. The best skill I mastered was prioritizing my time and getting the best out of a moment. My degree was rigorous, and I learned how to do many things at once since I was president of the International Students Association, an undergraduate teaching assistant, and a swim instructor. That’s helped me in my work as an optometry assistant. I’ve progressed quickly through the training, and now they want to cross-train me in different departments. I work with a diverse population and with colleagues from around the world. I have no trouble connecting to anyone because of what I experienced at UToledo. We had students of all backgrounds. The seeds of diversity and inclusion were planted in me at UToledo. And it meant the world to me to be ‘adopted’ by an American family through a program at the Center for International Studies and Programs. They still send me cookies for my birthday, and I never sat alone at Thanksgiving thanks to them. They’re even coming to visit me in Baltimore.”

Sarah St. Fort
Class of 2017, Business Administration / Class of 2019, Finance
Montreal, Quebec

“I came to The University of Toledo after completing all the public education available in Quebec, including Quebec’s CEGEP pre-university program. Thanks to CEGEP, I received a solid foundation in English — so when I arrived at UToledo, not only was I able to skip the ESL courses — I didn’t even have to take the English placement tests! And, because so many of my CEGEP credits transferred for credit to UToledo, I was able to complete a bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance in only two and a half years. With my 4-year athletic scholarship, I was able to continue my education, and earn a master’s degree at UToledo, too.”

Vimantha Bamunuarachchi
Class of 2020, Chemical Engineering
Colombo, Sri Lanka

“I did research the summer of my freshman year for a chemical engineering professor. Then I joined Dr. Ana C. Alba-Rubio's research group for independent studies, and she offered me a position in her lab. I'm doing research on sustainable and green energy. I also worked part-time as an intern at a startup company that manufactured scanners to test the life span of solar cells. I learned a plethora of technical skills a typical undergraduate wouldn’t. I worked with Ph.D. students and learned to be persistent and patient. Dr. Rubio was so supportive. She cares about you, not just the results. My research experience helped me get my co-op at AstraZeneca”


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